Monday, August 30, 2010

Weft Interlock Front and Back

Chair-loomThe subject of weft interlocks came up on the tapestry list, and since I had written about it on this blog a few months ago, I jumped right in with an opinion.

Donna asked if it looks the same on both sides. I said I thought it did, and then she asked if I could post photos of the front and back of my samples.

Well, I am not at home, so my first reaction was that I could not do this. I hate to admit defeat, though, so I thought “I can just weave a small sample and photograph it.”Ready-to-weave

Although I have 3 portable looms here with me, they all have projects on them so I can’t just weave a sample and cut it off to see both sides.

I looked around for something I could put a warp on, and spotted a nice little chair.

Bran Flakes? You might be wondering how they function in tapestry weaving.

Finished-weavingIs this why they call it Fiber Art?

I use a piece of the box to put between the 2 layers of warp so I don’t go crazy looking at both layers at once. I also use small strips of the box as a header at the beginning.

It’s only 12 warps wide and it took about 45 minutes to warp it up, weave the sample, cut it off and photograph it.

Unfortunately I forgot I would be looking at the back, so I had some short weft ends hanging out Weft-Interlock-Backand to make the photo look nicer I just snipped them off leaving some fuzzy areas.

My conclusion after performing this scientific experiment?

The weft interlock looks the same on the front and the back; but don’t take my word for it, try a sample yourself!Weft-Interlock-Front-2

It’s not that hard after all!



Unknown said...

WOW! very clever and nifty!
Happy weaving, Vera

Jan said...

It was a lot of fun! It's been a long time (30 years?) since I wove on furniture, and I realized I've acquired a lot more knowledge and skill in all that time, so it was much much easier.

K Spoering said...

You should weave up that whole slit in the chair! That would be kind of cool!

Jan said...

What a great idea, Kathy! I think it would be fun to reclaim old furniture and incorporate it permanently into tapestries!