Friday, July 3, 2009

Wish You Were Here

I love this fiberart postcard exhibit, at the Tohono Chul Park's Gallery, in Tucson, Arizona. The idea is to create a postcard, and mail it, without an envelope, to the gallery, where they are all exhibited. I participated a few years ago, with this postcard, from a photo I had taken at Tumacacori.

That was my first visit to Tucson, I had flown there in February 2006, to drop off my daughter for the Audubon Expedition Institute. We even ate lunch at the Tohono Chul Park Cafe, so it seemed like a wonderful synchronicity when I heard about the exhibit a few weeks later.

Now here I am in 2009, with a half woven postcard. I have not been in the studio in 2 weeks because I've been sick.

I was sure it was flu, and I figured, since I'd had my seasonal flu vaccine last fall, that it must be Swine Flu. After the fever subsided, I continued to have terrible muscle/joint pains keeping me awake every night. Then the rash appeared.....well, considering I live less than 50 miles from Lyme, Connecticut, I should not be surprised that I have finally contracted Lyme Disease. Or so it seems. After 3 doses of Doxycycline, my aches have disappeared.

So, another day or two of lying around, and I hope to get in there and finish my postcard.

This image is from a family visit to the Flagstaff area in 2002.

The photo was taken near Sedona, at the Palatki Ruins, a truly magical place. The contrast between red rocks and turquoise sky is so intense. Visiting Arizona is such fun for a New Englander, I always feel like I'm on another planet altogether! OK, that's particularly true in February; it's not hard to figure out why Arizona is so crowded that time of year!


K Spoering said...

I hope you get to feeling better! I sent a postcard last time, too, but won't get one done this time. Yours looks like it will be terrific! Take care of yourself. I'm headed your way next week, and I want the weather to clear up for me!

Jan said...

I think you might be just in time for some almost summery weather! At least the monsoons should be gone by then.

Edith said...

Both your previous card and postcard in the making are lovely! Your images are just divine!!
Hope you are beginning to feel betetr.