Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Weavers Dilemma

This particular dilemma is unique to weavers. I wove a 6"x4" postcard for "Wish You Were Here," the upcoming exhibit at Tohono Chul Park. It was almost finished when I came to Cape Cod on vacation so I tossed the loom in my car, and brought along everything I needed to weave the hem and do the finishing.

The dilemma is that I can't bear to waste all the remaining warp on the loom, and this is a glorified frame loom, so if I were to cut off the postcard, the rest of the warp would be useless. I hate wasting materials, and I hate wasting time (the time it took to put the warp on the loom). So I said to myself "I'll just weave another small tapestry before I cut off the postcard."

What with all the sisterly activities, and a visit from cousins last week, I didn't get around to starting the second tapestry until a few days ago, so I've been a bit stressed over whether I'd be able to finish it in time to send off the postcard. In addition, the cartoon for the second tapestry is ridiculously detailed, so I had to leave out a lot in order to weave it, even on this 12 ends per inch warp. I don't like weaving at 12 epi any more, it's just too small and picky for my middle aged eyes and hands.

I know I have a few days left before I have to mail the postcard, but I am going home tomorrow, which means a lot of cleaning and packing then a lot of unpacking and catching up on 2 weeks of mail etc. I'm afraid once I get home I just won't get it done.

So now it's 10.20 pm, and I am almost ready to cut off. I just have a little bit of hem left to do, and my back is aching, so I'm taking a short break. If I'm really energetic, perhaps I can hem the postcard and attach the backing, then mail it from Cape Cod tomorrow morning?


Debbie Herd said...

Hi Jan I am laughing while I read this! I think that we all have the same problems. I had to get new glasses to finish the last tapestry that I wove at 10 epi. Debbie.

Jan said...

Sometimes I put on a pair of cheap magnifying glasses over my regular glasses! It looks funny, but I can see tiny details!

Jessica said...

I've got the same problem, but when I finish my weaving, I'm going to have to go ahead & cut the warp because I'll need it off as soon as it's done so I can let it rest & steam it before I mail it!! Deadline is Friday...trying for Thursday! (grin/groan)

I DO have smaller looms & although it will be a pain, I can just use the leftover warp and tie each strand onto the loom instead of wrapping a continuously...

Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

I also can't stand to let good warp go to waste by cutting when there's even an eencie bit left.