Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Arrives in a Blizzard

Cape Cod in winter. I love snow. The world is so quiet and peaceful covered in a blanket of pure white snow, and it's amazing the way it outlines the shapes of things.

Every branch and twig is highlighted.

I wanted to get some shots of Pleasant Bay too, but it was 9 degrees this morning, and gusty.

I was too scared to pull off the road in the snow, for fear of getting stuck, and I was not about to park and walk, so I had to be satisfied with snapping a few photos out the car window while hoping nobody would come up behind and run into me.

On the other side of the bay you can see a thin white line; it's a barrier beach covered with snow.
Beyond that is the Atlantic Ocean and Europe.


Jennifer said...

I love the outlining of the twigs, etc. also, but that's more snow thatn I could deal with!!!

Jan said...

Well, it's a pain but we learn to deal with it. My favorite snowstorms are the ones that happen when I have nowhere to go and can just stay home watching the snow fall. Driving is terrifying. I enjoy shoveling, but it's not great for the back or neck.

K Spoering said...

Doesn't the snow pretty things up? Gorgeous photos, Jan! I love the one in the previous post of the boats on the beach, too. Hope your 2009 is great - sounds like you have some exciting plans. Happy New Year!

Jan said...

Haha, when I took that photo of the boats, you just popped into my head. I thought, Kathy would like this scene! I was right!