Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snowy New Year's Eve

Well, here I sit, alone watching TV, drinking beer and eating chocolate and caramel coated popcorn, and blogging! What a way to spend New Year's Eve.

Usually my husband and I have a nice dinner and drink some champagne at 10pm, but this year I spent the day visiting my Mom at the nursing home in the middle of a blizzard.

They had a New Years Party at the nursing home today, with live music and party horns, at 2pm.

Mom slept through it. I feel lucky to have made it the 5 miles to her house tonight, what with the 46 mph gusts blowing the snow all around on the windy, hilly, icy road. When I arrived I had to use my little plastic car shovel to clear the pile of snow left in the driveway by the snowplow, and now my car sits at the bottom of the driveway, and I wonder how I will get it out tomorrow. More shoveling I guess.

My hopes for 2009 are pretty modest.

Of course I'm hoping to finish the three new tapestries on my looms right now, and maybe start some more.

I'm looking forward to my daughter visiting from California next week. I can't wait for President Obama to be inaugurated. I hope we can actually accomplish some positive changes with him in office.

I expect to travel to San Jose in May for ATA's Connections: Small Tapestry International opening reception at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles in May. It would be a wonderful bonus if one or two of my tapestries were included, but I'll enjoy it either way.

My husband and I are planning to spend 3 months in Europe next fall when he takes a sabbatical leave; I have to control myself, because there is so much I'd love to see, but it won't all fit into 3 months. We'll have to choose. We'll be based in Interlaken, Switzerland, so we'll definitely travel to Germany, and to Alsace, Wales, Ireland, northern England and Scotland, Florence, Copenhagen, and Umea (Sweden).

Most of all I hope my Mom continues to make progress. If she could regain enough strength in her legs to move from bed to wheelchair, it would change her life.

I look forward to seeing all of your tapestry adventures in 2009! Happy New Year!


Zoe said...

Beautiful snowy pictures!

Jan said...

Congratulations on being first, even if it is a week after the post! You'll have to be more religious about checking your mother's blog if you want to get in the first comment!