Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Round Creations

Having posted my woolly little baskets last time, now I bring you shiny wooden stools. I'm thankful that I thought to include "..and Other Stuff" in the blog title.

My husband, Kim, just finished making these 18 gorgeous four legged stools in his free time.

We photographed them the other night and somehow, because apparently Photoshop does not baffle him, he was able to compose this awesome collage. (Click it for a bigger image)

I love it. Doesn't it remind you of those calendars that show the phases of the moon? Only these are mostly full moons!

My payoff for helping with the photography is that I get to keep my favorite stool. That's the one on the left. Kim's favorite is on the right.

Can you tell that we are opposite personalities?

We already have a number of these around the house, but they are infinitely useful so we can certainly find a use for one more.

And besides, it's sooooo pretty.


Jennifer said...

The stools are beautiful!!! I would have had a hard time picking just one!

K Spoering said...

These are gorgeous! You know my husband is also a woodworker. He has been making all of our furniture from Stickley designs. The house is getting full. I'll show these to him, and he will be impressed. (I liked yours best, too.)

Jan said...

Funny how many weavers I know who have woodworker husbands. It's certainly handy when you need frame looms and stuff like that.