Monday, May 20, 2013

"a piece of TWiNE"

is at Imagine Gallery in Northampton, Massachusetts until June 1. This is an exhibit of tapestries by members of Tapestry Weavers in New England.

(ABOVE: my tapestries on the left, Suzanne Pretty's tapestries on the right, at the reception)

There was a lovely reception on gallery night, May 10, and it was very well attended. There are photos of the exhibit on the TWiNE blog, and also on the gallery's blog (where you can also find information about hours etc, in case you plan to visit). It will be up until June 1.

Three of my Chaos tapestries are included, here they are:

On the Edge of Chaos, 22 x 24"

Chaotic Fragments: Part 1, 10 x 10"

Chaotic Fragments: Part 2, 10 x 10"


Karen said...

Your work is inspiring! I especially like the way each piece is framed within the tapestry. This makes me want to warp up my small tapestry loom and give it another try.

Jan said...

Thanks, Karen. Borders were very popular for a while, but not as much anymore. I do enjoy weaving a border around my tapestry images, and will continue to do so at least for the near future.

You should definitely warp up your small tapestry loom and give it another try! I'm all in favor of MORE tapestry!