Monday, January 17, 2011

Dazzled by the Snow

SnowDayFrontWIt snowed a few inches last Saturday, then another 11 on Wednesday. I can barely  make it through a day without taking photos.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been weaving in black and white, but today when I went for a walk in Goddard Park, I kept having to take off my gloves, fish my camera out of my pocket and take some more pictures! I guess I need to hang it around my neck!

treedesign9 I’m thinking of a series of tapestries of very simple tree images. I was thinking of it even before the snow.

What I really mean is the spaces between the trees. If woven sideways, trees make perfect sense to weave, which would be new for me. I usually weave things that don’t make any sense at all, and I’m getting a bit tired of all that struggling! Treedesign4

Sometimes the trees are dark and the background is snowy white. Other times the trees are white and the background is dark. And I love the sun and shadows on the snow.

Sadly, the camera that has served me so well the past 4 years bit the dust. It traveled to Europe on our sabbatical in 2009, where it took thousands of photos. Somehow it got moisture inside the lens, and for what it would cost to get it repaired, it made more sense to buy another one.

CameranewAt least I was smart enough to buy a new one that uses the same batteries, so I can use the 2 spares I already have. There was  a sale on, but they had run out of silver, and I didn’t want black because it’s too easy to lose, so I chose this bright pink color.

On the plus side, it’s 14 megapixels (although why would I need that when I mostly save them as small files for the web?) and has the image stabilization that the old one lacked.



K Spoering said...

Jan, I've taken about 900 photos since I got here a week ago, many of them landscape/snow pics. I hope you love your new camera as much as I love my camera! See you tonight - it looks like one of those gorgeous sunny days here.

Jan said...

I love that my new camera is so small and easy to carry around. It seems to work fine too, but nothing fancy. That's OK too cause in the old days, when I had an expensive, heavy 35mm camera, I never too it anywhere for fear of losing or damaging it!

See you tonight!

Unknown said...

Love your tree pictures!!

Jan said...

Trees have been catching my eye lately....trying to figure out a way to weave them without it getting "Too Fiddley" (to quote Kathy)