Saturday, January 22, 2011

ATB8 Opens at ATHM

Lots of acronyms there! The American Tapestry Biennial 8 opened at the American Textile History Museum in Lowell, MA on Thursday evening. It was a lovely reception, lots of artists, staff and other guests. I was relieved that the weather cooperated and I didn’t get lost.

ATB8-Wall-4 It was great to see old friends from near and far, and to meet a new friend too. Marie-thumette Brichard came all the way from France. Her piece is beautiful and SO BLUE, and the way it’s displayed at ATHM makes it glow and makes you feel you are falling into the blue waves. Spectacular. Here it is at the previous venue, it’s the blue one in the middle. You have to see the real tapestry to get the feeling. It is 57.5 x 76.5Jan&KathyLaugh

Kathy Spoering came all the way from Colorado, and her husband took some photos of the two of us with our tapestries. Mine is above and hers is below, and is titled “January.” It’s part of a series she is doing of each month. It looks an awful lot like those tree shadows on the snow in my front yard, but in fact, it’s HER front yard!

You can see that the walls are painted to compliment the tapestries which looks really great. They did an excellent job hanging the show, the groupings are very good, and I like the galleries, which are big enough that each tapestry has enough space, and yet small enough to feel intimate.

eyedetailFor once I did not take any photos of the exhibit, just enjoyed looking and chatting.

My daughter came along and it was great to share the occasion with her, and get her reactions to the work, since she’s quite an accomplished artist herself. This is a detail from a collage she did back in high school. You can click on it to see it larger.

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