Saturday, March 13, 2010

Exhibit Photos

CFDuet I’m very pleased with the way Chaotic Fragments Duet, my tapestry diptych was hung at the Imago Gallery.

They hung them one above the other instead of side by side, which is probably the best arrangement. 

On one side is a photograph of Africa in very muted neutral colors, and on the left, a lovely print in similar colors.  It all coordinates very nicely

I had a good time on Thursday evening at the opening reception, where I met some other artists. Imago 2

One was Ewa Lenk, a potter who admired my tapestries because she knows how they were made. She told me that when she first came to the USA from Poland, about 25 years ago, her husband made her a large frame loom, and she wove a rug for her living room! WOW! Ewa Lenk Pot2

I got her permission to photograph this gorgeous pot. It’s so organic, and reminds me of the sand collars we find in Cape Cod bay at low tide. They are made by moon snails.

On Sunday there was an art talk by Deborah Baronas, an artist with a background in textile design. Very interesting talk, and very impressive work. At the art talk there were only about 15 people, so I had a chance to chat with the Art League’s president. I am excited to be part of this group of artists.


K Spoering said...

Your tapestries look great together, and it looks like they placed them with just the 'right stuff.' That pot is incredible! What a great exhibit! Congrats, again!

Edith said...

OMG! Beautiful, just beautiful! You must be so proud and pleased with yourself. They just look so perfect together.