Monday, March 1, 2010

Chaotic Fragments at Imago Gallery

My Chaotic Fragments tapestries are at the Imago Gallery, 24 Market St, Warren, RI, from March 3-21. 9AustinChaoticFragments1

The event is the Art League of RI 4th Annual Associate Members’ Exhibit. The opening reception is Thursday, March 4th, from 5.30-8pm.

There is a Art Talk on Sunday, March 7th, Noon – 1.00.

I dropped them off yesterday, and it’s a lovely space.  10AustinChaoticFragments2

They will be exhibited as a diptych, and they can be either side by side or one over the other.

I’ll see on Thursday!


K Spoering said...

I love these two pieces. It will be fun for you to see them exhibited together. Try to take a photo to share with us! And enjoy the exhibit.

Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Nice, Jan... I especially like the first one but both are fantastic.

Jan said...

Funny that they have traveled separately, but not been exhibited together until now (although I've had them hanging together in my home gallery). I'm quite fond of them, and just about to begin some more in this series.