Monday, August 17, 2009

Tangled Wefts

Usually when I photograph my tapestries in progress, I get all the wefts out of the way so I can see the actual tapestry.

Here's the reality: this is what it looks like while I'm working on it.

As you can see I have MANY wefts, and in fact, something about the combination of using bobbins and the little shelf on this loom seems to encourage terrible tangling.

I made a lot of progress yesterday, but today, none at all, since I was driving to Cape Cod to see my Mom at the nursing home. We had fun looking at photos of her new great grand-daughter, Ruby, on Facebook.
I have finished the hardest parts of this tapestry and the rest should be relatively easy, so hopefully I can finish up in a few days.


Merna said...

Hi Jan,

The tapestry is looking good!

I've been following your tangled weft issue on the tapestry list. Usually those round head bobbins are used for weaving on a horizontal loom; the ones with a point on one end are used on a vertical loom. You might want to try some of them. They come in a couple of sizes, either brass tipped or not.

I like the round ones, and use them on my upright loom, because they typically hold more yarn.

Jan said...

So glad you reminded me that the round bobbins (Aubusson) are for horizontal looms; I like them better, because I don't use the pointed tips, and I find them comfortable to hold, but now that you mention it, I bet the pointed tips would help keep the bobbins from spinning and tangling!