Sunday, August 9, 2009

Racing the Clock

Here I am, struggling to meet a deadline again. I really want to be able to enter this piece in a show with a November deadline, and it's not a large piece, about 12x12." So you would not think there's a problem. However, we're leaving on August 24 for a sabbatical in Europe, and won't be home again until December. So, I have about 2 weeks to finish it, but of course, there is a lot of other stuff to do to prepare for our trip. Leaving home for 3 1/2 months is complicated.

I have marked on my calendar every day when I think I could possibly get into the studio, and if I weave 1/2 inch each of those days, I'll make it. Although it's not large, it's finely woven, and fairly complex, so there is a certain amount of unweaving (to see the photo larger, just click on it). In fact yesterday, I ended up unweaving most of what I had woven.

This is the third in the Chaotic Fragments Series, and I posted about it here on June 9th.

Anyway, I thought if I wrote about it on the blog, it would give me even more incentive to finish, since if I don't, I'll have to confess to all of you!


K Spoering said...

You go, girl! And, can I come to Europe with you? Three months! I am sooo jealous!

Jan said...

Sorry, you're too late, my suitcase has standing room only!

I'm excited, but a little stressed about the last minute details. I'll be so happy once we're on our way. Icelandic Airlines, here we come!

Jennifer said...

Yes - I'm sure you will feel much better once you are on the plane! It's amazing how hard it is to go on vacation - i can only imagine what it takes to prepare for such an extended period. Good Luck and enjoy your trip!