Monday, April 13, 2009

SPRING:Time for Progress

Spring is here, kind of. scillasmall

It was only 41 yesterday, but today it’s sunny, and flowers are popping up all over the yard.

I love these Scilla.

I was delighted to find them in the backyard, and knew them from the Flower Fairies book I had when I was a kid.


This is a detail from a tapestry called “Flora,” which I wove in 1999. It is based on a pastel drawing from about 1978. florasmall

Why am I posting about old tapestries? Because I’m not making much progress on the new ones.

I have not been working in the studio much recently.

Here is a photo of the “large” tapestry I started a while ago.

(“Large,” because at 24” wide it’s about the same size as one of Kathy Spoering’s “small” tapestries!)

It’s the latest in my Chaos series, and will have faint text around the border. The text will say “On the edge of chaos on the edge of chaos on the edge.”


Now I have 3 Chaos tapestries started on 3 different looms.

Enough! I need to start finishing them. IMG_1824I am setting aside Wednesday nights for weaving, now that the library is going to be closed that night. The new mayor does not seem to like us, and has cut our budget radically. Besides cutting our hours, we’ve had to give up buying any books, movies or music Cd’s. I felt terrible on Friday when I had to tell a patron that we did not have the book she was looking for, and that we would not be getting it. The silver lining is that I now have 4 extra free hours a week. Rather than fritter them away, I am marking a studio date on my calendar. Now I hope to be able to report regular progress.


Jennifer said...

Yes - large and small are all relative terms aren't they!!!

Looking forward to seeing where the chaos tapestries go! I remember from school - the second lay of thermodynamics - chaos is always increasing! I love that you keep adding another piece and another loom - you are increasing chaos!

K Spoering said...

The wording looks great on this! You are adept at dealing with Chaos, Jan, you need to come and help me cope with it! I do look forward to seeing more in this series, as you know I LOVE what I've seen so far!

Jan said...

Thanks, Jennifer, for the scientific info....that fits with the other word that is in my notebook: Entropy: the tendency of the universe toward disorder.

My husband says that life is a counter-balance to entropy.

Kathy, I'm not sure how well I'm coping but admitting the problem is always a good first step, eh?