Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Finding the Real Me has nominated me for the Kreativ Blog Award. That’s exciting! Accepting this award means following some rules:

1. Copy the Kreativ Blogger Award to your blog
2. Put a link to the person from whom you received the award
3. Nominate 8 other blogs and
4. Link to them
5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominated

1. Desert Song Studio - The first tapestry blog I ever saw, inspired me to start my own. Always a nice change to read about desert life!

2. Bhakti Ziek - Jacquard weaving and life in an old house in Vermont.

3. Meab Warburton - Irish tapestry weaver living in France. Designs with paper collage. Includes an extensive list of links to British fiber artists.

4. Laura Foster Nicholson - Gorgeous brocaded tapestries, which I’ve loved since seeing the vegetable garden series in Fiberarts years ago.

5. Three Little Cameras - Croatian artist Asja Boros’wonderful whimsical drawings.

6. Spirit Cloth…Quilting a Story - Fabric, stitching, texture, stories. Delicious.

7. Works by Tracy Helgerson - Powerful figurative paintings, using the “underpainting” technique. Makes me want to get out my oil paints.

8. Sojourner Design - Sheep, wool, lovely stitched felted fiber art.


jude said...

hey thanks very much! love the weaving links....

Tracy Helgeson said...

thanks very much, very flattering, glad you enjoy my blog and the portraits:) And definitely get out your oil paints!

Asja said...

thank you for nominating me!

Sojourner Design said...


I'm delighted to be nominated, and honored to be nominated... especially by you. I'll follow up with my award responsibilities over the next day or two.

Thank you!


Meabh Warburton said...

Thank you for nominating me - I'm glad you like my blog.