Monday, June 9, 2008

Gran's Special Shoelace Trick

Do your shoes come untied?

For some reason, my grandmother never taught me this valuable lesson, but a few years after she died at age 100, my brother showed me the trick.

“Didn’t Gran show you how to tie your shoes so they will never come untied?”

Well no, she didn’t, but then he’s the firstborn, and probably her favorite.

How did I survive all those years of floppy shoelaces?

Of course I knew how to tie a “double bow,” but it’s a pain to untie (unless you are a 15 month old who is determined to lose her shoes in the grocery store in mid-winter, but that’s another story).

This is way better. It will NOT come untied, but when you are ready to take your shoes off, just pull on the end of the lace and it will untie as usual. Ready?

Tie your shoelaces in the traditional way, making a loop, wrapping the other end around, but when you pass the loop through the rabbit-hole, just pass it through one more time from the same direction before tightening it.

If you are interested in 34 other ways to tie your shoes, including the Spider Web and the patented Double Helix method, then check out Ian’s Shoelace Site. It has lovely diagrams.

Sorry, I’m not going to make a lovely diagram, or even an unlovely diagram, so I hope you can figure out Gran's Special Shoelace Trick from my description.


K Spoering said...

See now, I didn't know that trick, so I totally had to give up shoes with laces! Wonder what tricks my grands will remember me for? Hmmmm. Maybe I'll have to pass your Gran's on to them if they ever graduate from velcro to laces. Love the pictures!

Tommye McClure Scanlin said...

Maybe I should try that trick, Jan...a friend (a pre-school teacher) once told me that my mother had taught me to tie my shoes by sitting in front of me, rather than reaching over my shoulders to do it like I should "normally." Learning that way caused me, she said, to tie my laces "backwards" and that's why my shoes always came untied!!

Jan said...

Hmm, there must be a lot of folks tying their shoelaces backwards. I can't imagine that would make them come untied though.

I blame modern synthetic shoelaces. Jan