Saturday, June 5, 2021

Pandemic Tapestries

Here I am, more than a year since the last entry. The pandemic seems to be receding in our state, and to a lesser extent in our country, and since we are fully vaccinated we can now visit with family members. We got to meet our new grand baby in April! Yay for us! 

BUT: I just read that for the unvaccinated, there is as much risk now, as there was during the January surge, and in many other countries the situation is dire, with health care systems overwhelmed. This is not over. 

Chaos: Pandemic

This small tapestry was the first one I wove during the pandemic. 

It is small, only 5 x 4 inches and was the first tapestry woven on my new Mirrix Saffron loom.

Chaos: Pandemic Nights

This is the second pandemic tapestry, also woven on the same small loom. 

Both of these are part of the long series of Chaos tapestries. I keep thinking that series is finished, but then there always seems to be a little more chaos to deal with.

I also finished the large Chaos tapestry that had been languishing on my loom for a few years, finally! It's still waiting to be hemmed and photographed, but here is a detail.

Sun Sets on Chaos

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