Friday, February 15, 2019

Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water

LaDonna Mayer, Earth: Silk Tree
This exhibition of small tapestries included 10 artists each, from USA, UK and Australia. The first venue was Australia National University in Canberra. From there it traveled to Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne, Australia; Riversley Art Gallery and Museum, Nuneaton, UK and The Guildhall, Much Wenlock, UK.

Janet Austin, Earth: Another Forest Through the Trees
The 5th and final venue for this exhibit at the Bob Owens Gallery, University of North Georgia, Dahlonega, GA, ended today. I went there for a reception and a workshop by Jane Freear-Wyld (the organizer of the exhibit). Tommye Scanlin helped to make this venue possible. My tapestry is "Another Forest Through the Trees." 8 x 9" (above)
Letitia Roller: Water: The Hea(r)t of it All - Glacier Melt


AUSTRALIA: Sally Blake-Edwards, Dan Edwards, Brenda Goggs, Dimity Kidston, Valerie Kirk, Lisa Molvig, Whitely Rosenberg, Shunyam Smith, Anton Veenstra, Diana Wood-Conroy.

Valerie Kirk, Earth: Indigo Fossil (left) Christine Sawyer, Water: Loss (right)

UK: Jackie Bennett, Janet Clark, Joyce Coulton, Jane Freear-Wyld, Victoria Green, Beryl Hammill, Lindsey Marshall, Christine Paine, Christine Sawyer, Mike Wallace.

Anton Veenstra, Earth: 3 Steps 2 Heaven (left) Christine Paine, Fire: Born of Fire

USA: Janet Austin, Mary Cost, Alex Friedman, Tricia Goldberg, Mary Lane, Tommye McClure Scanlin, LaDonna Mayer, Letitia Roller, Kathe Todd-Hooker, Sarah Warren.

Dimity Kidston, Water: Waves Rolling In (left) Lindsey Marshall, Four Elements: Water, Air, Fire and Earth (right)
The staff at the Bob Owens Gallery did a great job hanging this show.  So often small work is jammed together, and in this case, there was plenty of space so one could appreciate each tapestry.

Many thanks to Jane Freear-Wyld, who devoted herself to making this all happen. Here is her tapestry.
Jane Freear-Wyld, Earth: Canadian Rockies at Dawn

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