Tuesday, October 23, 2012

West Bay Open Studios Tour

Saturday and Sunday from 11-5, I was in my studio, with a constant flow of visitors.

It was really fun to show people my looms and explain how tapestries are made. My visitors were a really interesting bunch and I had some wonderful conversations.

I spent 2 weeks cleaning the studio, framing and hanging tapestries, putting price tags up, putting away other stuff.

I had about 50 tapestries on display! The smallest is about 2 x 1" and the largest is 34 x 72." Even the piano was put into service with tapestries on top and on the music stand. I love my 2 new mini-easels on the left, I got them at Michaels for $8.99 each.

People were very interested in the Tapestry Diaries, and the current one was a really good tapestry for demonstrating, since it's pretty simple.  This is the month of October.

I created a powerpoint slideshow with images of the 3 new tapestries that are away in exhibits.

Now I have a nice clean studio to work in, now that's inspiring!

It's an honor to be part of this group of artists. Check out our website, it's really impressive. 

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