Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tapestry Diary Marches On

…sorry for the bad pun! March2 Here is the month of March, minus the first 3 days. Oops, when I took the photos I forgot that March started at the tail end of a February week.

MarchText Every line of parallelograms begins on a Sunday. Luckily, April 1 is a Sunday so that will be nice and tidy.

For March, I went back to my original idea of experimenting with ways of introducing little bits of color into my black and white tapestries. I’ve been enjoying the green accents.

MarchDetail I wove “MARCH,” one letter per day, which allowed me to use a favorite tapestry technique: weft interlock. I rarely use this in my tapestries, but it is very useful, particularly when you have a long vertical as in these letters.

For the rest of the month, as for most days in this diary, I wove what I felt like weaving. In the last week, I felt like dividing each day diagonally, creating triangles. One of the 3 basic shapes, the other 2 being rectangles and circles.

For more about the tapestry diary check herehere, and here.

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K Spoering said...

Love the addition of green for March!! Is that a heart on the 15th(?)?
If your March has been like ours, it has greened up very quickly and early. I hope that doesn't mean a brown summer for either of us (or a fire-y red one, here in Colorado.)