Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where’s the Weather?

When I started my 2012 Tapestry Diary, I decided that in February, I would weave the weather. I planned to use white as the background, then weave whatever the weather was doing each day, be it snowflakes, freezing rain or a blizzard.

IMG_2423 Unfortunately for the Diary, weather seems to have deserted us. Every day is either sunny or overcast, but hardly a drop of rain or a flake of snow. There was one windy day, but I didn’t think about weaving the wind.

When there’s no snow on the ground, February in New England is very brown. I know, the winter colors can be beautiful, so many soft and quiet shades of green, yellow and peach; but right now all I’m seeing is brown, and I’m tired of it…..

I am more cheerful and energetic in the winter if there is snow, I think because it reflects so much light. Perhaps I have SAD.

I shouldn’t complain, as it’s been much more comfortable, and pleasant for outdoor activities, than the typical February. I have been able to walk almost every day.

DeeperanddeeperPerhaps the reason I was expecting weather, and a white back-ground, is that last year we had a record breaking amount of snow in January and February.  81 inches if I remember correctly. It was very inconvenient, but SO beautiful!

Feb3 So I’ve had to be creative, mostly just keeping it simple and weaving stripes, spots, or color blends.


One day I wove stars, as I was weaving at night. Another day, I wove rays of sun, white winter sun. 

FebDetail Here is the one brief snow shower. 

The previous day I wove the full moon rising.

Now that the month is half over, I’m looking forward to March. I haven’t decided what I will do in March, but I know I will NOT be weaving the weather!