Monday, February 21, 2011

“An Artist at Work!”

TapestryDemoloomLast Saturday I took my show on the road, to the American Textile History Museum, where I demonstrated tapestry weaving outside the gallery where the American Tapestry Biennial (ATB8) is installed.

I love weaving in public, and answering all the questions.

As usual I brought my Harrisville “Friendly Loom,” which is just a frame on legs, with pegs for the warp. TapestryDemodetail

The height is adjustable, so it fits easily in my car. I don’t use the pegs, because when I tried, my very tightly wound seine twine warp pulled the frame out of whack.

So instead, I just wind the warp around the frame, which means I can weave on both the front and the back. 

WoodsI put a piece of black poster board between the two sides so my eyes don’t get confused seeing both warps at the same time.

For this demonstration I put two narrow warps on the loom.

TapestrydemoATHMI started a simple geometric tapestry using the initials of the museum ATHM, woven sideways, on the right, and a landscape, also woven sideways, on the left.

The colored designs are taped to the top of the loom, and inked cartoons are stitched to the back of each tapestry .

This loom has no shedding mechanism, so I use a shed stick for one, and pick up the other by hand. I like weaving this way. ATHMdesign

If you live near Lowell, Massachusetts, go see ATB8, and better yet, enjoy one of the upcoming lectures:

March 13, 2011  Under the Influence; or Is It Just Inspiration? 2 PM    

Susan Martin Maffei explores the effect of textile history, both of the past and personal, on the creative process and growth of her own work in tapestry. Her path, including an overseas internship, commercial studio work, and gallery conservation of antique textiles, provides insights into the development of the artist/ weaver of the 21st century.

April 10, 2011 Anne Jackson: Knotted Tapestries   2 PM

Anne Jackson makes vibrant, complex tapestries exploring contemporary ideas, often in a historical context. Focusing on her current project, 'The Witchcraft Series', her illustrated talk will cover the development of her work and take a wry look at the place of textiles in the art world.

May 1, 2011 Bodies of Work   2 PM

Focusing on the human form in tapestry, Micala Sidore examines the history of tapestry weaving from an Andean culture in 500 BCE to the present. For both newcomers to tapestry and those in-the-know, she suggests an approach to viewing tapestries, understanding what makes them successful, and appreciating the weaver’s work.

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