Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Home Again

It's good to be home again, even though home is where the chores are! The garden is a mess, and I'm making "To Do " lists again, but I am managing to find some time every day to work in the studio.

I finally finished the grid tapestry that I started on vacation. This is the one I designed while on hold with the Dell tech support guy in India.

Since I still have some warp left, I decided to use the same composition with different colors, and I was in the mood for yellow.

I don't know how long that mood will's VERY yellow isn't it?
It's hard for me to limit myself to just a few colors, but it's a useful exercise, and I like the way this one is turning out so far.

If you look very carefully you'll see a little piece of purplish blue wool that I'm thinking of adding for some tiny spots that just were not working out in any of the other colors.

I am trying to finish it so I can start another project I have in mind for this loom. I want to warp it up with some very fat warp.

I've been making it on my spinning wheel, by plying together 4 strands of an off white wool, with some very thin gray.

Meanwhile I have another Chaotic Fragments tapestry in the very beginning stages on another loom.

For my birthday, my husband assembled my new, used 24" Shannock loom, and I can't wait to try it out.

So as usual, I have too many irons in the fire, and too many UFO's in the studio.

Don't worry, nothing dangerous, they are just Un-Finished Objects. I need to spend a few weeks framing all of the small tapestries I have woven on various frame looms over the years. It's much more fun to start weaving something new, so I procrastinate.


cindy said... to see you tapestries. I like the gird tapestry. To heck with the garden!

Cindy from the RI Spinning Guild

Jan said...

Thanks for reminding me that I can ignore the garden. Once the weather gets hot I lose interest anyway, other than picking flowers. At least with all this rain I have not had to water anything for weeks.

I'm trying to spend a little time in the studio every day, even when I'm busy, it makes it easier to keep going on projects that way.